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T3 Cross Training Brings Results

T3 Cross Training is made up of real people that are getting real results. We're a community of down to earth people that believe you were created for a God-given purpose, and our goal is to help guide you into finding and fulfilling that purpose. We've successfully crafted a cross training fitness program that scales all ages and fitness levels without sacrificing results.

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See Laura and Reginald's Story

Since joining T3 Cross Training, Laura and Reginald have more energy, are sleeping better, and have found themselves able to do things not possible before!

See Leanne's Story

Like so many others, prior to joining T3 Cross Training Leanne (a 40 y/o mother of 2) belonged to some of the big name gyms, but felt very intimidated by them.

What Others Are Saying About T3 Cross Training

  • Everyone is at their own pace and each trainer will work with you at your level and everyone working out will encourage you so you don’t have to feel discouraged or self conscious! Great camaraderie and teamwork makes this gym work so well.
    Gigi Vivas Gigi Vivas
  • T3 is truly amazing, coaches are awesome, and it’s a great thing to work out with a fun group and feel highly accomplished after the hour. You are pushed to give more than your best and it’s truly awesome! If you want true results, T3 is the place for you!
    Chris Perkins Chris Perkins
  • One week in and I LOVE IT!! First time doing this type of workout so I'm a little slow but it's awesome. Feeling stronger!
    Sonia Lopez-Garcia Sonia Lopez-Garcia
  • It is a great place. Not too big. Friendly people. Good Coaches!!!
    Reg Petitt Reg Petitt
  • Great place! And the atmosphere is very inviting!
    Ronald Jones Ronald Jones
  • Really enjoyed working out here and can't wait to go back!!
    Paul Travis DeDear Paul Travis DeDear
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Classes at T3 Cross Training are small, safe, fun, and results driven.

At T3 Cross Training, we know there are many different fitness levels and we believe everyone should get to play. That's why we have developed a multilevel fitness program that allows for digression and progression of all movements that can be scaled to fit any fitness level.

Kid Friendly, Family-centric.

Make Friends, Have Fun.

REAL People. REAL Results.

Countless others are breaking the bondage of bad habits and bad health, for themselves and for their families. Why not you?

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